FILTERS – One of the most important functions of the liver is detoxification of the blood. Several times a day our body will pass the entire blood supply through the liver. In fact, our liver is detoxifying a pint of blood at any given time. Blood detoxification is incredibly important, as blood normally contains bacteria, pathogens, and other toxins from the intestines. A healthy liver will detoxify and clean 100% of the blood before returning it to general circulation.

CHEMICAL BREAKDOWN THROUGH ENZYMES On a nutshell, the liver will break down unwanted chemicals by a two-step enzymatic process. These chemicals are drugs, pesticides, and poisons found in the intestines which cause food poisoning or cholera.

CREATION and SECRETION OF BILE Did you know the liver creates almost a quart of bile a day? Bile helps to break down fat soluble toxins and chemicals. Once the bile has attached itself to the chemical or toxin, it is then excreted.

BY NOW, YOU’VE REALIZED HOW INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT THE LIVER IS. So, let’s discover how to clean and detoxify it.

Your liver needs a lot of help!
The world is toxic.
The liver is under unprecedented chronic stress.

The number (and kinds) of toxins that your liver must process increases everyday (and shows no sign of slowing down).

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are over 70,000 total chemicals that we have potential to be exposed to every day in production, and around 15,000 of these chemicals are of concern for our health.

You may also be the source of toxins: If your gut is not functioning well, toxins can be produced by the bacteria that inhibit the gut that can create problems for your health.

Your liver takes much of the brunt for dealing with this chemical onslaught. It is essential that your immune system is strong enough to assist the liver to eliminate all the toxins.

These toxins would normally not be much of a problem for a healthy liver, but stress, poor eating habits, lack of vital nutrients, and a busy lifestyle and compromised immune system, all effect the functioning of the liver.

Todays modern detoxification programs feed the liver’s detoxification pathways, while providing nutrients to optimally repair and enhance the immune system and both the body and the gut.

Liver detoxification is an incredibly complicated process that requires the right fuel (nutrients) in the right amounts to function properly while strengthening the immune system.


The Wellpoint Lifeforce formulation and the Wellpoint Imun RX were formulated to optimize both Detoxification and enhance the immune function.

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