even though they might appear to have similar effects.

Nutraceuticals and herbs are natural foods. They form part of the diet and work synergistically with each other and foodstuffs to produce remarkable cellular tissue, organ, and system responses. It is the knowledge of these interactions that underlies WELLPOINT proprietary formulations.

WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS formulations/combinations consist of blends of herbs known to produce similar effects in the body. It is important to note that metabolic and systemic processes vary widely between individuals. By combining complementary herbs in a given blend, the chances of each of each individual achieving a successful experience are increased. If one nutrient in the blend is ineffective in a specific person, one or more of the other nutrients in that blend will usually have the desired effect. Our researchers have also learned that certain concentrates can, in combination, have synergistic effects that could not be achieved otherwise.

Because of their quality, results with our formulations are often much quicker and longer lasting than with other products. We are proud of our one-of-a-kind innovations and believe that our techniques are revolutionizing the herb industry.

WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS is an established private company whose fundamental purpose and focus is on formulating and developing proprietary Herbal Medicinals focusing on supporting optimal Health and Wellness.

WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS formulations have been time tested, and refined to offer the very best quality professional herbal medicinals. All of our products are formulated and manufactured in Canada, under the strict standards mandated by Health Canada. All of our products are authenticated by DuPont Anti- Counterfeit and Authentication security to ensure our customers are able to verify that the product is formulated and manufactured in Canada by WELLPOINT.

Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified by Health Canada. Other certifications include NSF International (The Public Health & Safety Organization), NSF-GMP for Sport Certification, GMP requirements in NSF/ANSI Standard 173, Section 8: Dietary Supplements, Health Canada NHPD site licensed with ITC (International Trade Certificates).

Our Research and Quality Team all work closely together to deliver Quality Herbal Medicinal formulations to our customers.

WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS conducts business based on operational excellence, integrity, transparency, mutual respect and collaboration.

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For more information please contact:

Ahmad Zaher Samara MD, MSc HE, M.B.A
Executive Director of the Gulf Countries
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Tel: +1 313 603 1886
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Health practitioners and professionals today recognize the need to rid the body of the harmful effects of stress, lifestyle, and toxins in food, air, water and pharmaceuticals products. They recognize that detoxification alone will not remove these harmful substances. Herbal/nutritional detoxification gives the body a rest from toxins, and provides the foundation on which health can be rebuilt.

Integrative Health and Wellness programs provide multi-disciplinary approaches to personal health care that are based on a patient/client/practitioner partnership. They take into account traditional medicine and drug therapies, and include managing and off-setting the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Personalized detoxification can be integrated and adapted to individual lifestyles.


We are all under toxic stress. Our food supplies are toxic. Our soil, water and air are polluted and contaminated. Pollution is a fact of life, and as our governments and business show a continued reluctance to clean up after themselves, it seems inevitable that our situation can only worsen. The new millennium also causes increased levels of stress and anxiety over the future. It is anticipated that humankind’s interest in personal health and nutrition will escalate in the coming years. Striving for balance in life, and in health, will direct people to the use of herbal combinations formulated by the WellPoint Group of Companies. The validity of herbal nutrition has been evident to many for thousands of years. Today, however, that validity also requires scientific verification.