30+ Years Development of Proprietary Herbal Nutraceutical Formulations


WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS is an established private company whose fundamental purpose and focus is on formulating and developing proprietary Herbal Medicinals focusing on supporting optimal Health and Wellness. WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS formulations have been time tested, and refined to offer the very best quality professional herbal medicinals. All of our products are formulated and manufactured in Canada, under the strict standards mandated by Health Canada. All of our products are authenticated by DuPont Anti- Counterfeit and Authentication security to ensure our customers are able to verify that the product is formulated and manufactured in Canada by WELLPOINT. Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified by Health Canada. Other certifications include NSF International (The Public Health & Safety Organization), NSF-GMP for Sport Certification, GMP requirements in NSF/ANSI Standard 173, Section 8: Dietary Supplements, Health Canada NHPD site licensed with ITC (International Trade Certificates) Our Research and Quality Team all work closely together to deliver Quality Herbal Medicinal formulations to our customers. WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS conducts business based on operational excellence, integrity, transparency, mutual respect and collaboration.

The WellPoint Nutraceuticals Advantage


WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS are not drugs, even though they might appear to have similar effects. Nutraceuticals and herbs are natural foods. They form part of the diet and work synergistically with each other and foodstuffs to produce remarkable cellular tissue, organ, and system responses. It is the knowledge of these interactions that underlies WELLPOINT proprietary formulations. WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS formulations/combinations consist of blends of herbs known to produce similar effects in the body. It is important to note that metabolic and systemic processes vary widely between individuals. By combining complementary herbs in a given blend, the chances of each of each individual achieving a successful experience are increased. If one nutrient in the blend is ineffective in a specific person, one or more of the other nutrients in that blend will usually have the desired effect. Our researchers have also learned that certain concentrates can, in combination, have synergistic effects that could not be achieved otherwise. Because of their quality, results with our formulations are often much quicker and longer lasting than with other products. We are proud of our one-of-a-kind innovations and believe that our techniques are revolutionizing the herb industry.

WELLPOINT Group: Global Health Integrative Wellness Institute

Pharmacy Development: Project Overview

In recent years, there has been an escalating public focus on improving wellness and the quality of life, as well as an increasingly pro-active approach with respect to disease prevention.

Consumers are taking responsibility for their own health. Due to the increasing media coverage on health issues, they are typically well informed, even before they enter the pharmacy or health food store.

Consumers are looking for all possible options for treatment, especially since the highest usage of herbs and other natural health products, are for conditions for which there are no “cures”. Patients with colds, flu, joint pains, depression, insomnia as well as PMS and menopausal symptoms, concerns with aging and the problems associated with aging, are among the highest consumers of herbal supplements, and other natural health products.

Natural Medicine and Natural Health Products should be incorporated into any health care regime with the assistance and guidance of a health care professional. Pharmacists are the most readily accessible health care professionals in a client’s health care team. Pharmacists need to be trained in the use of herbs and all-natural health products, to fulfill the expectation and the needs of their client base.

Pharmacists are already trained to counsel clients on prescription drug use. Pharmacists are specialized and have exceptional knowledge in herb-drug, herb-herb and herb-disease interactions.

In the very near future, a Pharmacy will provide the client with access to Pharmacists and other highly trained Health Care Practitioners, in an ‘in-house’ Integrative Wellness Centre. These health professionals will be specifically trained in integrating natural, professionally formulated Natural Health Products; along with the client’s conventional treatment plan. The Pharmacy that provides this service will be in a better position to attract clients from other pharmacy outlets that are not able to provide this highly sought out service.

WellPoint Global Health Integrative Wellness Centres are able to work with Pharmacies to incorporate this highly profitable concept into their existing model.

Why would Pharmacies want to work with WellPoint Global Health Integrative Wellness Institute/Centres?

1) All training and professional products are research based and developed through years of research by Health Care Professionals. (See Executive Summary).

2) Corporate provides an exclusive professional product line not available in Health Food Stores or Pharmacies.

3) Product line is sold by ‘in-house’ consultation only, providing an excellent business opportunity/income for Pharmacists and Pharmacy owners.

4) On-going training and support is provided to all Pharmacists and Health Care Professionals by Corporate.

5) Corporate believes in providing the client with access to information on Integrative Health and Nutrition. This information is research-based and provided by highly trained certified consultants and health care professionals. This ensures a high standard of service to the community.

Pharmaceutical Drugs are necessary for many people. With the addition of the WellPoint Global Health Integrative Wellness Centre section, the Pharmacy owner will create a natural, integrative approach in creating an environment to care for the whole person.