AGING IS NOT FOR SISSIES!!                                                               

While aging is a natural inevitable process, a great deal can be done to make it as comfortable and even as joyful as possible.

It is possible for us to grow older without suffering from the diseases of aging.

Although aging and degeneration may be inevitable as one grows older, a great deal of research has shown that there are many ways to slow aging and improve function.


People may be born with a strong constitution, and the genetic background may even be exceedingly good, yet poor lifestyle, indulgence in drugs, alcohol and smoking will lead over time to a much more rapid onset of the aging process.  The person may even live a long life, but the quality of that life may be very poor.

What happens in the body when people start an anti-aging program is that physiological functions improve?  Even a small improvement is going to make a difference.  The body always functions so that even a small increase in efficiency can often make a big difference.

WellPoint Nutraceuticals Lifeforce and Imun Rx are formulated to support anti- aging and improve physiological functions.

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