Kelly Nolan, Pharmacist & Women’s Health Expert’s calling is to support women’s journey during menopause and even earlier.

Her book, “Restore Your Life: Powerful Life Strategies To Navigate Menopause”, is set to be released in early on Amazon. In it she shares a little science with a step-by-step guide, tools, resources, and real stories from her own clients’ experience. This interactive book sets the foundation of knowledge that marries personal journeys with science to educate and guide women’s transition through menopause.

Why did you decide to write this book?
For many reasons! First, I decided it was important to unleash my expertise with the goal of reaching a much broader audience of women desperately seeking answers. To let women, know not to give up! There are answers however the solutions need to be tailored to their unique chemistry. As a woman who has walked in their shoes once I discovered the secret to moving past my worst menopause symptoms, I had to share it with as many women as possible to let them know there is hope. They don’t have to accept menopause as part of aging! Nolan said the book is her gift to women, an interactive book full of resources and tools. Each chapter has a thread that leads us through the science with real case studies & women’s stories.

Why did you title the book the way you titled it?
To give women hope! “Restore Your Life” encourages women to “take control back “with confidence. Embracing Menopause as a celebratory stage where the goal is to achieve optimum health by finally putting our self-care first!

Tell me a bit about yourself and where you brought your practice from?
I am a pharmacist & women’s health expert of 25 plus years. In 1997 my career started down a very different, unexpected pathway. I started to learn more about the practice of Integrative teaches women the four pillars of health: nutrition, stress management, exercise or movement and hormone balance. Fast forward to 2007 & I am introduced to the Saliva Hormone Kit (only available in the United States & Canada), the blueprint that maps out a women’s journey with the most accurate test of 5 hormone levels. Once I found the secret, my purpose became clear. To reach as many women as possible by sharing “my secret” and my expertise in the healing arts of women’s health.

Why is educating women about
their health so important to you? I know how frustrating it is for women to find the right answers! I too struggled! By the time women find me they are often “very unhappy looking in the mirror”, “uncomfortable in their own skin” & “their self-esteem has taken a hit”. There are very disappointed with lack of information and feel there is no hope for change. Most days they don’t feel like themselves, moody & irritable. Their body shape is changing and gaining weight differently, at times out of control. Of course, now their health is becoming a concern with the unwanted weight and the risk of diabetes. Overwhelmed with responsibilities at home and at work, I teach them the importance of self- care along with tailored solutions to balance their hormones. Hormone Balance is key to releasing unwanted weight, a very frustrating symptom of menopause.

What are your most asked questions by your female clients?
I think the most asked questions are #1 “Why is there no support provided during menopause by the medical community?”
My answer: because you are not in disease state! Menopause is a natural stage of life we all must go through. Your doctor prefer to avoid the side effects of medication. #2 “Why can’t I lose weight no matter what I try?” and my answer: Even a weight loss program needs to be unique to menopause! Old solutions wont work because your body chemistry has changed. Your hormones are out of balance and your metabolism has come to a halt. The goal is to find solutions that are specific to your chemistry, not to accept it as part of aging!

Why should women buy the book?
To find the answers they have been desperately seeking with tools and resources that can be implemented right away for selfcare.

What does the book promise? Hope! Answers!
Nolan’s practice is mostly on-line which is very efficient, intimate & far-reaching. 

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As we all begin to frame 2023 and set our intentions, I think it needs to go deeper than a New Year’s Resolution.


I believe its best to frame it as a “New Year’s Intention” with a beginning an no END, consider it a permanent lifestyle change.  It begins with a positive mindset, a large piece of accountability and a strong commitment to self-care. Perhaps it is having a step-by-step plan or for some it’s jumping ALL in. Begin by looking at the 4 Pillars of Women’s Health and analyzing where you are at this moment. Remembering that all 4 pillars need to be aligned for true homeostasis and optimized health. Just remember as you proceed into 2023 to structure your day like a FULL-TIME job for FULL TIME results. No Excuses! Just Choices!


Aggressive exercise during Menopause won’t work! In fact, it actually works against women as it can spike Cortisol which in turn spikes blood sugar and slows our metabolism, retaining that “horrific muffin top! However, “Movement is Medicine” and helps to stimulate our circulation & provide clarity.

2023 Goal: Pick 15 to 20 minutes of “movement”: walking, stretching, yoga, running lightly, free weights or loop bands. Pick your go-to for minimum of 3 to 5 times per week.

Stress Management/Mind-Set:

Analyzing the health of our environment is a crucial centre piece to our health. Learn to kindly set boundaries to those around you. The message is very clear! Are you monitoring the stress of your personal environment and listening to your inner voice?

2023 Goal: 5 to 10 minutes of “meditation” minimum morning and night like a dose of Melatonin! Make it simple! Find a guided meditation that speaks to you!


Perhaps one of the most challenging pillars of women’s health & for many a daily struggle is our nutritional lifestyle. Clarity & commitment may come from understanding the science behind proper nutrition…..balancing blood sugar! 2023 should be a time for substituting OLD habits that are no longer serving you with NEW habits to optimize your health.

2023 Goal: Step 1: Drink 3 litres of water daily.  Step 2: Eliminate BAD carbs.  Step 3: Fast from 7 p. to 10 a.m.  Pick the easiest change first or jump into ALL 3 knowing each day will get easier.

Hormone Balance:

An often-misunderstood pillar simply due to lack of information for many women. However, hormone balance is the under current that drives our health and re-creates the body we crave. A therapeutic regimen of natural supplements is always our best choice drive by the template of the Saliva Hormone Test (only available in the United States & Canada)….a personalized road map.

2023 Goal: It’s a Easy as 1,2,3.  Step #1 read “ Restore Your Life”.  Step #2 Complete the “Saliva Hormone Test” (only available in the United States & Canada).  Step #3 Purchase the “Avita Sampler Pack”.


How To Create Your New Body & Optimize Your Health

Weight gain during Menopause can be an extremely frustrating experience plagued with disappointment and misunderstandings. Women became very intimidated by the scale, uncomfortable in their own skin and may begin to avoid social functions. It becomes a roller-coaster ride of failed attempts and failed beginnings with little to no results. Where to begin?

Perhaps we begin with the understanding that this is “Not Our Fault”. No one explains the chemistry or science behind our changing body. Human nature is to resort to old solutions out of comfort and perhaps at times desperation. The issue is our “new body” will not respond to old solutions and so the struggle begins. Let’s look at all the pieces of the puzzle..the 4 Pillars of Women’s Health (stress management/nutrition/exercise/hormone balance).

For most women the missing pillar will be “hormone balance”.  The quest for the best solutions during menopause becomes a jungle of “myths” & “misinformation”. Do we chance the side effects of pharmaceuticals from our doctor or venture into the “wild west” of the health food store? Or maybe we just cross our fingers,  pray for the best outcome and tough it out!

Surprisingly it’s not as complicated as we may think…Step #1 “The Secret”  begins with the most accurate test for our current hormone levels, a blueprint to map out our Menopause Journey. Without this roadmap there truly is no beginning just a “sea of frustration and disappointment”. Marrying a Saliva Hormone Test (only available in the United States & Canada) with a tailored program of properly dosed natural supplements treats the underlying cause of “WHY” our body will not release unwanted weight. Remembering it’s not about “deprivation”! It’s about balancing our hormones along with creating a sustainable lifestyle of proper nutrition to FIT US as an individual and optimize our health. Frame your intentions with self-care, NO EXCUSES, just choices.

Here are 3 TAKEAWAYS!

1) Balancing your hormones is KEY to releasing unwanted weight during menopause otherwise nothing will work!

2) Proper testing creates a template to customize a program of high- grade natural supplements.

3) Set your intentions & Ask For What You Want!… it 30, 40 or 50 lbs?  Be confident.

Releasing unwanted weight during menopause takes accountability and commitment to a sustainable lifestyle….never going backwards only forwards by also releasing OLD HABITS while balancing hormones. It’s all about understanding the science of your underlying chemistry!

As an expert in the healing arts of Women’s Health, my goal is to teach & share my expertise. I have always told clients “You can’t detach your head from your shoulders”.


Meaning that when we support our body physically, it naturally improves our emotional well-being. With each decade our hormones our changing and so does our mental disposition. Women often become moody and irritable due to lack of sleep. Unhappy with their body image due to rapid weight gain and low self esteem. Even men are similarly affected becoming “grumpy old men”.

Supporting our mental well being with an Integrative approach means incorporating a high-end pharmaceutical grade supplement into your four pillars of health to support the results of the Saliva Hormone Test (only available in the United States & Canada).

Utilizing a highly concentrated herbal formula in therapeutic dosing produces long-lasting effects emotionally and physically in conjunction with balancing not only the endocrine system, but all our body systems simultaneously. Finding a high-end product can often guarantees results if taking according to plan.

For over 25 years I have incorporated the Wellpoint Brand of nutraceuticals which has 30-plus years’ experience in the development of proprietary herbal nutraceutical formulations. All products are formulated in Canada, under the strict standards mandated by Health Canada. The manufacturing facility is GMP-certified by Health Canada among many other certifications.

There is a strong science behind the creation of pharmaceutical grade Nutraceuticals. The strength of combining multiple ingredients of concentrated herbs and herbal extracts in the products creates synergy, meaning the combinations are interactive, producing a far greater benefit than the sum of each individual herb. Herbal Extracts are rare as most companies will not embrace the cost of extracts in today’s market.

The next step is creating multi-targeted program of dose-specific supplements to produce the best and quickest results, treating the client holistically – as a whole.  Embracing all areas of hormonal imbalance creates a strong foundation of support both physically and mentally. It translates to targeting the Adrenal Gland, Thyroid, Liver and Estradiol/Progesterone levels at once. As the body quickly responds to this foundation it also translates to a mental euphoric effect.

As your Cortisol levels come down, blood sugar balances & sleep improves relating to a mental state free of anxiety, moodiness & irritability.

As your Estradiol/Progesterone levels come into balance & your hot flashes/night sweats improve so does the clarity of your mind as the brain fog starts to diminish.

As your Liver/Thyroid is supported it places the body in a state of detoxification which greatly enhances the strength of any supplement program. The liver is the central point of every program from which the targeted program can be built – like the foundation of a home.

Incorporating a product line into my practice was very logical. The other choice would be to send clients blindly into the ‘Wild West’ of a health food store or the less trustworthy internet. Other reputable products exist, however, the grade, concentration, quality control, and dosing are so variable. The quality of the product go hand in hand with success in supporting our mental well being with confidence. The professional grade herbal support is like a river that trickles down to support both our physical and mental state of being… re-building our hormone system.

As women struggle during menopause with rapid and often unexpected weight gain, it’s very important to understand the science behind clean eating.


Remembering it’s NOT deprivation, it’s a CHOICE. However, I think the changes are more acceptable and perhaps reasonable if we can relate to our body’s chemical reaction during Menopause to poor diet (unintentional) and high carbohydrate intake. Women may not naturally have the best grasp of proper nutrition and may be wasting unnecessary calories…. empty calories.

So let’s talk science…high sugar and/or high carbohydrates spikes our blood sugar and Cortisol. In fact, high Cortisol at bedtime can be a common occurrence during Menopause which affects our sleep pattern and blood sugar. Our body can literally be gaining weight overnight creating the horrendous muffin top often associated with high Cortisol. Even one glass of wine after dinner can have long lasting negative effects on our blood sugar. Our insulin weakens with age leading many of us down the road of becoming pre-diabetic or insulin resistance. Our body simply can’t recover as quickly from the spikes caused by sugar and carbohydrates. It can actually take days to recover. Eating off the grid of clean eating also causes discomfort such as bloating and water retention. Another reminder of the science of clean eating!

Here are 5 Takeaways:

    • Clean-eating is NOT about calorie counting..who has time! If we eat clean and limit bad carbohydrates, calorie reduction naturally follows. Let’s make it as simple as possible with the understanding that rice crackers, canned fruit, flavoured tuna, and rice cakes, are not our best choice. Avocado is great however in a very limited portion. A flavoured drink with Zero calories (& often natural flavours) is as dangerous as pop! Remember if it’s low in sugar, it’s often high in salt!
    • It’s important to create a reasonable, sustainable lifestyle that FITS your family with no EXTRA prep or meal planning. Eat within your current template. Reduce or eliminate your carbohydrates and be mindful of your portions. You can still cook pasta and rice for the kids just fill your plate with the same meat and vegetables.
    • Releasing unwanted weight takes accountability and the willingness to make consistent changes with the understanding that it’s all about optimizing your health. Eliminate carbohydrates to reduce Cortisol, balance your blood sugar and sleep better!
    • Every change makes a difference…. eliminate cream and drink your coffee black…eliminate salad dressing or switch to lemon and vinegar. It all adds up to empty, unwanted calories.
    • Don’t expect yourself to do it alone! Its always best to balance your hormones with clean eating and a natural supplement program to match the template of your unique chemistry.  This foundation of support will eliminate those unwanted symptoms of Menopause alongside re-setting your metabolism.

My message is clear! Remember the science behind eating clean and picture the outcome. Optimal health!

Remember not every day will be perfect! However TODAY IS A NEW DAY! Set your intentions and create a positive mindset around clean eating!  Its ALL about Science!!