Functional and Integrative Medicine

Health practitioners and professionals today recognize the need to rid the body of the harmful effects of stress, lifestyle, and toxins in food, air, water and pharmaceuticals products. They recognize that detoxification alone will not remove these harmful substances. Herbal/nutritional detoxification gives the body a rest from toxins, and provides the foundation on which health can be rebuilt.

Integrative Health and Wellness programs provide multi-disciplinary approaches to personal health care that are based on a patient/client/practitioner partnership. They take into account traditional medicine and drug therapies, and include managing and off-setting the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Personalized detoxification can be integrated and adapted to individual lifestyles.

WELLPOINT Care promotes the concept of Functional and Integrative Medicine through programs and proprietary product lines designed to complement both allopathic and alternate/complementary methods.

WELLPOINT Care Products and Programs

WELLPOINT Herbal Products are generally used in synergistic combinations that can best benefit the person taking them. A program typically requires that two or more products are taken at the same time.

Products are made to pharmaceutical-grade standards using raw materials from only reputable sources (see All About Us) All of WELLPOINT product lines are refined and concentrated in the USA and Canada, then blended, packaged and sealed in Canadian GMP facilities.

WELLPOINT Care Support

WELLPOINT Care provides a complete range of initial and on-going support to health practitioners.

Training: We provide the training you need to recommend WELLPOINT programs and products.

On-Going Support: Our consultants offer support for any questions you might have.

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