WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS are not drugs, even though they might appear to have similar effects.

Nutraceuticals and herbs are natural foods. They form part of the diet and work synergistically with each other and foodstuffs to produce remarkable cellular tissue, organ, and system responses. It is the knowledge of these interactions that underlies WELLPOINT proprietary formulations.

WELLPOINT NUTRACEUTICALS formulations/combinations consist of blends of herbs known to produce similar effects in the body. It is important to note that metabolic and systemic processes vary widely between individuals. By combining complementary herbs in a given blend, the chances of each of each individual achieving a successful experience are increased. If one nutrient in the blend is ineffective in a specific person, one or more of the other nutrients in that blend will usually have the desired effect. Our researchers have also learned that certain concentrates can, in combination, have synergistic effects that could not be achieved otherwise.

Because of their quality, results with our formulations are often much quicker and longer lasting than with other products. We are proud of our one-of-a-kind innovations and believe that our techniques are revolutionizing the herb industry.

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