The price we pay for the affluence and plenty of contemporary life is a constant barrage of potentially dangerous chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Our modern pace of life, with tremendous stress and pressure, and lack of time for peaceful reflection leaves us all in less than optimal state of health.


Although modern medicine has provided numerous breakthroughs in the treatment of illness, it also led to a change in the amount of personal responsibility that people take for their own health.

The term Modern Medicine cannot be interchanged with the term ‘health’. Health cannot be bought at any price. Billions of dollars are spent in the treatment of diseases: many of which can be prevented by maintaining good health.

Years of life are lost, sometimes horrific suffering is endured because health and well-being is too much to consider.

Attention to lifestyle and environment offers the most rewarding path to improved levels of health. It is the only way to reduce the staggering cost of the burden of medicine and the best way to reduce the chances of premature aging and unnecessary suffering from degenerative diseases.

Always listen to what your body is telling you and don’t be afraid to question your doctors “opinions and diagnosis”. After all they are practicing medicine and many times they get it wrong. They’re overwhelmed with too many patients and have been trained to believe in the power of pharmaceutical drugs.

Take as few drugs as possible. The list of side effects on a simple aspirin alone is staggering. If you are taking even a few or more pharmaceutical drugs, there is no way anyone can tell you what they combine into inside the human body AND everyone’s body is different!

A state of high-level wellness is within the reach of all of us. A wellness lifestyle will not only drastically reduce your risk of illness and disease: it will provide for you a life of greater satisfaction, increased serenity, and an expanded interest in the future.

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