We are all under toxic stress. Our food supplies are toxic. Our soil, water and air are polluted and contaminated. Pollution is a fact of life, and as our governments and business show a continued reluctance to clean up after themselves, it seems inevitable that our situation can only worsen. The new millennium also causes increased levels of stress and anxiety over the future. It is anticipated that humankind’s interest in personal health and nutrition will escalate in the coming years. Striving for balance in life, and in health, will direct people to the use of herbal combinations formulated by the WellPoint Group of Companies. The validity of herbal nutrition has been evident to many for thousands of years. Today, however, that validity also requires scientific verification. Many studies do exist that provide such support, and based on that data, and decades of personal work with herbs and phytochemicals, the WellPoint Nutraceutical products were created and field-tested.

It has been our experience that once people witness the benefits of herbal blends, they are more willing to explore other applications. Our quality-control measures have removed the effects of uneven herbal collection processes, and our ability to concentrate the phytochemicals, enzymes and coenzymes through proprietary technologies has allowed us to design pharmaceutical-quality products. Because of a higher level of openness in North America, and our extraordinarily effective herbal formulae, we have experienced a significant growth in the level of interest in herbal medicines. We believe that our product lines will become major sellers in today’s marketplace with its increasing emphasis on disease and disorder prevention.

Our herbal formulae are not drugs, even though they might seem like they are doing the same things as drugs. Herbs are natural foods. They form part of the diet and they work synergistically with each other and with foodstuffs to produce remarkable cellular tissue, organs, and systems responses. Our knowledge of these interdependent interactions allows us to create the proprietary WellPoint Nutraceutical formulae. The importing, approval, processing, blending, and manufacturing of herbal supplements is a very complex and specialized field.

WellPoint Nutraceutical combinations are formulated based on the scientific work of biochemists, medical & veterinary experts, herbal medicine experts and years of work with indigenous peoples of South America, Africa, the Orient and Canada.

Like all buyers of agricultural products, we make every effort to obtain the finest herbal crop available. Only after the herbs have been tested and certified do we agree to purchase an herbal crop. WellPoint Nutraceutical combinations are complex, highly concentrated blends of specially selected herbs from all over the world. Every effort is made to keep the costs of WellPoint Nutraceutical formulae to the lowest level possible, but, as the old adage says “you get what you pay for”. The potential benefits to health and well-being are much higher than the cost of our excellent product. Several qualities make the WellPoint Nutraceutical herbal products unique:

• Only the highest quality of herbs available are used in our products.

• All extractions and herbal enzymes are highly concentrated through a special processing of botanical substances. These processes will vary depending on the herb used and the blend being produced.

• Our products are highly concentrated up to twenty times the original strength. Massive quantities of plant materials are required to yield the concentrations we produce.

• We use the highest quality of botanical agents in our extraction processes.
Our oils are all botanical oils: sunflower seed, safflower, corn and olive oils. Each application makes use of the oil which has yielded the highest quality of results. Instead of alcohol for extraction, we use plant extracts such as witch hazel or even purified water. In our processing, plant extracts or acidic fruit juices replace the inorganic acids used by other companies. These highly specialized and refined methods of processing make our combinations more unique and effective.

• The production of a batch of our herbal combinations requires an immense amount of time and the expert knowledge of a number of specialized personnel. After the initial procurement and quality assessment of the herbal crop, the product must go through a series of processes; the soaking-out period, a variable number of concentration procedures, the drying period, re-powdering, milling, grinding and blending. Then the product must be tested for quality and consistency before being bottled, labeled, packaged and shipped.

The development of each of our unique products involves a great deal of research, painstaking craftsmanship, and expert engineering. Production can vary from several days to as much as a month. Results with our herbal combinations are often much quicker and more long-lasting than other preparations on the market because so much care goes into each product. We are proud of our one-of-a-kind innovation and believe that our techniques are revolutionizing the herb industry.

Many people have asked us why we concentrate and combine our herbal preparations. Although many components of plants have proven beneficial to a physiologic organism, the concentrations at which they occur in whole plants are usually not sufficient to be useful. It would be very difficult to consume enough of some herbs to derive a major benefit from them. We have perfected methods that allow us to use only the valuable nutrients and components of the plant without the unnecessary substances found in some herbs. We discard the useless materials and any components whose safety and effectiveness have not been substantiated sufficiently to meet our strict standards. Our combinations consist of blends of herbs known to produce similar effects in the body. It is important to note that metabolic and systemic processes vary widely between individuals. By combining complementary herbs in a given blend, the chances of each individual achieving a successful experience are increased. If one nutrient in the blend is ineffective in a specific human or animal, usually one or more of the other nutrients in that given blend will have the desired effect. Our technical staff has also learned that certain herbal concentrates can, in combination, have synergistic effects that could not be achieved otherwise. A synergistic effect means simply that one herb increases the effect of another in the combination. The total effect is therefore greater than that which would have been achieved with only one herb. The WellPoint Group of Companies is committed to the principle of training and consultation. We are reminded daily that we live in an information era. Because of the nature of our ever-emerging product line, we must prepare and share carefully developed information. It is therefore our intention to create a useful database for marketers, distributors and product users.

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