THIS SUPER HERB HAS BEEN USED IN TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE (TCM) FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. The University of Texas has shown it to be an adaptogenic herb which enables viruses, bacteria, and even cancer cells to be “picked up” on the immune system’s radar. In one study, Astragalus membranaceus was able to restore immune function in 90% of the cancer patients studied. Astragalus is a powerful “non-specific” immune modulator. Instead of activating our defense system against a specific disease organism, it modulates immunity by increasing the numbers and activity of macrophages, which are roving white blood cells that engulf invading organisms. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the ripple effect on the rest of their health can often cause more trouble than the disease itself. During one study, researchers investigated the effects of astragalus on cancer patients with compromised immune systems because of chemotherapy. Patients taking a supplement with astragalus extract experienced a faster recovery and improved survival rates. Astragalus improves your cellular health by slowing down the wear and tear of your DNA. Within your DNA, there are small stands called telomeres that keep your cells from unravelling. The root extracts extend the life of your telomeres, making you look younger and slowing down the aging process on a cellular level. Astragalus’s diuretic effect flushes toxins from your body. Many studies have shown high blood pressure is a critical factor contributing to heart disease. Astragalus aids in blood vessel dilation, which can lower your blood pressure naturally. Patients with diabetes can safely rely on astragalus to lower and balance their blood glucose levels. One study discovered that it restored high blood sugar to normal and raised blood sugar when it was too low. Since astragalus contains antibacterial and antiviral properties, it has been used effectively to treat allergies, colds and flus. ️