Humans travel in numbers and at speeds unprecedented in history. Travelers visit remote areas as well as major population centers.

Humans may be displaced because of social, economic, or political upheavals or extreme events and environmental disasters.

The elimination of spatial and temporal barriers, especially by long-distance air transport, means that humans can reach almost any part of the Earth today within the incubation period for most microbes that cause disease in humans.

Travel is also discontinuous, often including many stops and layovers along the way. This means that travelers are part of the dynamic global process of moving biota, along with trade, which moves plants, animals, and other materials. This further contributes to infectious disease emergence.

International tourist arrivals are reaching record highs. And with greater numbers moving always come greater options for infections to hop a ride.

Global travel enables infections to spread before symptoms develop. People can transmit an infection though they won’t appear to be sick.

Your immune system can become challenged, due to the stress and fatigue you experience when travelling.
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