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– WITHOUT Damaging Side Effects

“I had developed a severe case of eczema and psoriasis.  It covered my upper and low back.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances that occurred in my life, my condition only got worse as time went on. It then spread to my stomach arms and scalp.  I knew that Ayurveda and the holistic approach had helped me tremendously whist I was in India.  Going to India was not an option at this time.  So I tried to look for a solution here, in Canada.  I tried several different methods.  The first one was going to a naturopathic doctor.  I did everything they suggested for months on end with no results or improvements.  I then took the advice of a friend and tried a cleanse and nutritional supplements.  The results made me lose weight, without any improvements to the skin.  Then I decided to go to a dermatologist who recommended a specific cortisone cream.  It helped for a little while, but it did not stop the skin from producing more lesions. The eczema had now spread to my eyelids.   I was starting to feel true despair at this point.  I knew from my yoga teacher training that when the skin starts acting up, it’s a sign that the kidneys are not functioning properly.  I was afraid that the damage occurring to my body would be permanent.  I then received a phone call from a friend who explained to me what they were involved in and how much it had helped heal their son’s skin condition.  After I heard their story, I decided to try the WellPoint Canada program.  I followed their program diligently and within 4 days, my 3 year struggle was finally over.   It felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  I never realized how depressed I was until I started to see true results and began to gain hope again.  I also noticed that I no longer had any menstrual cramps during my cycle.   I was amazed at how one program helped change so much for me.  Later I had the privilege of meeting the founder of WellPoint Canada.  I learned then that there was also a program for people who have structural issues with their back.   Just before I developed a severe case of eczema, I had fainted and hit my head on the back of a wall and lost consciousness.   Ever since that fall, my neck had not been the same.  I decided to do another program to see if I would get some relief with my neck issues.  Within two days, I noticed relief in my neck, and as time went on throughout the program, other parts of my body that were sore and tight that were affected from the fall and concussion started to unwind.  I found fluidity back in my spine again.  Months have gone by now and since then, I have been maintaining healthy skin, and able to enjoy my life again.  I am just so grateful to have found an effective solution to a long standing problem.”  Gita C.

“I started to take WellPoint formulations about nine years ago. I have suffered most of my life with autoimmune deficiencies, my immune system would crash frequently and I was always feeling ill and weak. My energy suffered, my digestion was very bad and I kept on getting back to back skin rashes of eczema that I could never really heal from.  I was literally at my wits end! The stress I felt was unbearable. My entire quality of life suffered. I tried many different things that would sometimes help for a little while but never long term. Then I discovered WellPoint and thought that I would give it a try, I had nothing else to lose at this point. After I began my program and started to follow the nutritional advice I was given it only took a few days before I started to feel better, bit by bit I felt more and more better. I couldn’t believe it myself. My skin cleared up and stayed clear, I began to feel more energy and sleep better and my digestion improved significantly…no more bloating and indigestion. I cannot see my life without WellPoint products, they are truly life savers! Thank you so much WellPoint for giving me back the quality of life I thought I would never get back.” Carlos E.

“I used to take so many different supplements in order to feel better. It was frustrating trying to figure out what I needed and when and how to take it all. I didn’t want to do more damage to my health then help it. But then I found WellPoint and after asking them for help I’ve never looked back. They’re really there to help you and guide you…I always felt well taken care of. I feel so much better now! No more handfuls of pills to take, no more bottles to carry around wherever I go. I’m saving loads of money too!” Leslie. H. 

“I’ve been taking Lifeforce and Imun RX for about four months now and all I can say is wow…I feel great. I definitely have more energy and just feel great. No more ‘brain fog’ no more dragging myself around or relying on coffee or sugary things to give me the energy I desperately needed to get through the day.” Melissa B.

“Been searching for a quality product for quite a while now; by the time I came across Lifeforce I was a little skeptical but low and behold it really works. I’m trying to live a healthy lifestyle and I’m so glad that I found this product to add to the things I usually do to stay in good health.” Grant L.

“I never knew what it was like to not live with the daily aches and pains that I woke up with every single morning. After a week or so I noticed that I felt so much better, I could move again without cringing in pain or wanting to reach for a pain med for relief. I love this stuff!” Philip A.

“Lifeforce is a superb product. I’ve recommended it to some family members and they feel the same as I do so it must be doing something right.” Geoffrey H.

“I was seriously at my wits end. I’ve suffered with rheumatoid arthritis and a very weak immune system for years. If there was a cold or flu going around I would always catch it. I knew that before long I would feel more and more worse if I didn’t come up with a way to get my health back on track. Since taking Lifeforce I can genuinely say that it has really improved my life. I feel better and to some I seem to look better too. Lol!” Renata C.

“There are so many natural products out there to take and I swear I’ve tried them all and then some! I never really felt a difference until I started to take WellPoint’s products. There is definitely a difference between their stuff and other’s…I can feel it. No more headaches, lethargy or chronic colds and flus – which in turn saved me constant trips to the doctors office. I’m a WellPoint customer for life!” Rob M.

“For over 35 years the struggles with my health have been complex and extremely frustrating.  My immunity was one of the worst things I’ve been dealing with. Once I started on Imun RX I began to feel stronger and more in control of my health. I cannot believe that just one formulation affected me this way.” Francine D.

“My sister in-law recommended that I contact WellPoint over two years ago. I’m so happy that I did! They are wonderful, so caring and helpful. Their products are top notch and so are they. My health has never been better. I only wish I discovered them sooner.” Barb I.

“I’ve had psoriasis since I was fifteen years old, it has been a weakness that I was never able to rid myself of until last year when I began taking Imun RX and Lifeforce together. It took a few months to fully clear up (and no flares up’s since then, YAY!) but what is a few months when you’ve been suffering with it for over forty years like I have! WellPoint is amazing. I feel so lucky to have found these products and I will absolutely never stop taking them. I feel fantastic!” Cindy G.

“Dragging myself through the days was really wearing me out! Living on coffee/caffeine was not helping, only making things worse. I needed to find something to help me get back on my feet again. My wife searched for solutions online and came across WellPoint’s website. I’m so happy that we decided to give their supplements a go, it has been my saving grace. My quality of life has greatly improved.” Mathew A.

“I’ve told literally everyone I know how incredible WellPoint’s Lifeforce and Imun RX are. They are superior compared to the other stuff I’ve taken in the past. You truly get what you pay for. Don’t hesitate to give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.” Will L.

“I’ve been on the formulations since Sept of 2009. Our entire family has benefited greatly from the products and services that WellPoint has to offer. We are pleased to say that in all we are living our best lives, non of us have suffered from chronic ailments that others tend to have…especially as they get on in age. WellPoint will continue to be our go-to health care providers for many years to come. Thank you so much for everything!” Monica H.